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Our commitment to creating a multi-beneficial skincare that
makes a true impact on your skin is
of the highest importance to us

For almost two decades now, we are dedicated to designing and producing Clean (with capital C) Beauty products. We deeply appreciate both: the world of nature and the world of chemistry, believing that only together they can give the perfect support to the health and beauty of your skin.

We exist to encourage your desire to feel and look good, by offering solutions and products that assist your self-care and your daily routines in the best possible ways.
Estar serums are not an indulgent luxury – they are a skincare necessity. Understand your skin, give it three weeks to begin the good work, stay dedicated and you will be able to see brighter and healthier skin very soon.

Let’s start creating beauty together.



Beauty infusion

4.190 RSD

Glow up

Refreshing and energizing serum

4.190 RSD

Drops of

Overnight deep recovery serum

4.190 RSD

Feel the rain

Deep hydration serum

4.190 RSD

Estar Products
Every Estar serum is a category-defining skincare that delivers quality, multi-correctional performance, and universal efficacy. Professionally and carefully chosen supreme quality ingredients play together in harmony for the benefit of your skin, its health and long-lasting beauty. Our commitment to quality is uncompromising and that is why the performance of our powerful formulations is unmatchable.

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Clean and Clear


Čisto I JasnoŠta označavaju termini CLEAN beauty & CLEAR beauty? Asocijacija je jasna ali da li znamo suštinu ovog koncepta?Nama je važno da znate šta se krije iza ovih reči jer smo Estar drops formulisali poštujući ova dva principa.U mnogim tačkama clean and clear koncepti se preklapaju, dok se u svim ostalim nadopunjuju praveći tako […]

5 main benefits of all serums

Serum is a light but powerful formula consisting of various actives targeting specific skincare conditions: hydration, sagging, dull skin, skin without energy, wrinkles etc. It is a very efficient formula made of small molecules that penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver active ingredients.

Using a lot of products at the same time. Is that a mistake?

The condition of our skin changes depending on many different external and internal factors. Age, season, hormones, moods, environment, food. What is important is to adapt our care to our real needs.

Oil Serums – Only the Good

There are various types of serums, but the oil-based ones are the only that can boast labels such as organic and natural. They are usually composed mostly of carrier oils that are fast-absorbing, repair the skin barrier and moisturize. Then come the extracts that are soluble in oil, which enhance the serum`s potency and effect, and antioxidant

Do I have to hydrate oily skin?

Oh yes!Masna koža pruža dugotrajan mladolik izgled kože i koliko god nas mučila od puberteta, moramo joj na neki način biti zahvalni. S druge strane, suva koža je pokretač svih kožnih problema i stanja i na to se moramo fokusirati..Imati masnu kožu ne znači imati vlagu, ali i imati suvu kožu, ne znači da joj […]

Neck and décolletage

Ako želite da vam vrat izgleda glatko i baršunasto kao na najlepšim Modiljanijevim slikama, gdje se boja tena doslovno preliva od obraza preko ruba brade u njegovu senku i dalje do dekoltea, negujte vrat i dekolte na isti način kao i lice. Svaki piling, masažu i čišćenje uradite i na predelu vrata i dekoltea, a […]

A Story
of the Search for
Timeless Beauty

Real world results

five stars

Glow up Drops

I am the director of an Australian corporation representative office here in Serbia, and the time-zone is way off. Very often I end up working really odd hours, which reflects on my complexion. Plus, I recently gave birth to my third child, you can imagine what my daily routine looks like. Or better yet – you can’t haha My friend recommended Estar Glow up drops to me, and I swear these drops have diminished the visibility of my undereye black circles. I also do a quick, gentle massage with an ice cube all over my face to help ingredients penetrate more deeply and “seal in” the product. It makes me look fresher and imparts an immediate glow.

five stars

Glow up drops

My mother thought me that a simple splash of water in the morning can do miracles for my skin, and that I should blend half of everything I eat and put it on my face as a mask, for an hour or two. Although I like the idea, I do not have much time or energy to do so. Also, I very well understand that squeezing orange juice on my face will prove ineffective for boosting collagen, but being synthesized in a lab with something else – now that might do the trick. That’s why I look for the products I can trust, products that deliver and fulfill their promises, and so far – I am happy with the choice I made. Estar Glow up drops give the perfect glow to my skin and I love it. I always have a spare serum in my bathroom, just in case.

five stars

Feel the rain drops

It took me some time to understand that overdoing it can also be bad. Using alkaline soaps, cleansing too much, over-exfoliating and aggressive treatments made my skin look dried out and dull, and I am only 22. To be totally honest, I was looking for a product with hemp oil, I heard a lot about it from girls my age. They told me it calms inflammation and moisturizes the skin without clogging pores, and that was enough for me to give it a try. I also love the name Feel the rain drops. Don’t you? Estar changed my skin and more importantly the relationship I had with my skin.


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