5 main benefits of all serums

Serum is a light but powerful formula consisting of various actives targeting specific skincare conditions...


Oil Serums – Only the Good

There are various types of serums, but the oil-based ones are the only that can boast labels such as organic and natural.


Do I have to hydrate oily skin?

Oh yes! Oily skin provides a long-lasting youthful appearance of the skin and no matter how much it bothers us, we need to be grateful to it in a way.


Neck and décolletage

If you want your neck to look smooth and velvety as in the most beautiful Modigliani paintings, where the color of the complexion literally


Skin care routine. The steps.

We know that sometimes it seems difficult to make the time for exhaustive and very detailed facial care, but nevertheless – your skin needs it.


Mysticism of pomegranate

Pomegranate has been traditionally used for thousands of years as a medicinal fruit. It is believed that it was one of the first cultivated fruits because of its undeniably favorable impact on human health.


The history of oil serum

Oil serums are formulas consisting of natural oils or their fractions which are stabilized with oil soluble vitamins like vitamin E. 


The Perfect Solution

A well-chosen serum can jumpstart the skin regeneration process. If you don`t have time to analyse, study...


Thirsty Skin?

Hemp oil has many benefits, one of them being the power to nourish parched skin, instantly.


Let it glow – on the snow!

Winter is a great time to add serums to your beauty plan. Harsh weather leaves a trace, but you should not have to give up your favourite winter sports- one simple additional step will make this possible.


Beauty sleep, redefined

Let`s face it- a well rested face is a beautiful face. A calming scent in a face serum not only revitalises...


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