Do I have to hydrate oily skin?

Ooo da!

Oily skin provides a long-lasting youthful appearance of the skin and no matter how much it bothers us, we need to be grateful to it in a way. Also, dry skin is the trigger of all skin problems and conditions and that is what we need to focus on.

Having oily skin does not mean having moisture, also having dry skin, does not mean it lacks fat or oil. Both scenarios mean your skin lacks water.

Unfortunately, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the stress and modern way of living – they all contribute. The syndrome of our time is our dry skin and dehydration. That is why oily skin should be hydrated with non-oily agents, mild non-comedogenic i.e. water-based serums regularly and zealously. Estar has three such serums: Glow up drops (refreshing and energizing), Feel the rain drops (deep hydration) and Drops of moonlight (overnight deep recovery serum). The use of such serums is extremely important for skin’s elasticity and glow.  

Sušenje i matiranje masne kože treba obavljati s posebnom pažnjom i odgovorno. Prekomerno isušivanje samo će izazvati lojne žlezde da još jače luče kako bi se čitav sistem vratio u ravnotežu. Sušenje kože tokom noći je u redu, ali je zato danju neophodna kako dubinska tako i površinska hidratacija.

For UV protection of all skin types, especially oily, mineral powders made with SPF factor are recommended. Non-comedogenic, airy and clean. 

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