Using a lot of products at the same time. Is that a mistake?

The condition of our skin changes depending on many different external and internal factors. Age, season, hormones, moods, environment, food. What is important is to adapt our care to our real needs.

Sometimes it will be just cleansing, a hydrating serum and a SPF cream and sometimes we will have to use different creams for the left and for the right cheek. Everything is allowed and everything is still ok, as long as your skin likes it. What is important is to observe your skin and understand what it needs, to assess whether what you are currently doing with your face and the way you nurture it is sufficient. Is something missing? Or is something too much?

Using a lot of products is not a mistake if your skin really has the healthy glow by the end of the day, but sometimes all you need are just two or three products. Carefully selected serums and creams can provide complete care, protection and beautiful appearance of facial skin. So, choose wisely.

You have to have a relationship with your skin, listen and accept what it tells you. 

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