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Beauty infusion  

Grateful for this nature’s powerful synergy – and proud we can share it with you.

Much like your whole body never grows tired of optimal nutrition, neither does your skin: this wonderful formulation helps your skin become healthy, resilient, balanced, and radiant. It is the perfect choice for fortifying the skin barrier while smoothing, hydrating and healing it. Thanks to vitamin E, this serum stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin tone. This mighty vitamin, along with proanthocyanins from grape seed oil, increases the restoration rate of collagen and gives a more youthful looking skin.

Reduces: dryness and imperfections

Stimulates: production of collagen, healing, fortifying, smoothing

Key Ingredients: organic plum oil, grape seed oil, carrot seed oil, helichrysum italicum essential oil, tocopherol

Free of parabens, paraffin, PEGs, artificial colors, and perfumes

How to use: apply on clean and wet face 3 times a week, instead of night cream. You can also use it as a luxury face massage oil.

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