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Refreshing and energizing serum 

“She lights up the room as she walks in” is the most beautiful compliment of all. So let’s start with the naturally healthy glowing skin.

This serum’s hero ingredient organic apricot oil helps wake up dull and tired skin, it is a great energy-booster after which the skin feels totally refreshed. Vitamins E, vitamin K and omega-3 help fast healing of the skin by stimulating cell turnover. Apricot kernel oil may also help to exfoliate the skin to retain moisture, and clear dark circles under the eyes. The linoleic acid helps to eliminate patches of dry skin.
Tamarindus indica extract is a multifunctional polysaccharide complex of vegetal origin for modern skin care products. It improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin while also showing an exceptional smoothing effect. Upon regular use it gives a lasting, extremely pleasant velvety feel on the skin.  

Reduces: dullness, dark circles

Stimulates: healing, cell turnover, exfoliation, elasticity

Key Ingredients: organsko ulje kajsije, esencijalno ulje helichrusum italicum, ekstrakt Tamarindus indica (prirodna hijaluronska kiselina iz semena Tamarindusa)

Free of parabens, paraffin, PEGs, artificial colors, and perfumes

How to use: apply on clean face day or night

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